As an online marketer many of you know how blogging can help you and your business profit easily. Two sources that can be used to post a blog on the internet are Blogger and WordPress. Both sites allow you to easily start a blog in a couple of hours. However, WordPress has more features, and tools to use, to help your blog look more professional.

Blogger does have many advantages when posting a blog. Some features include designing a template, which allows you to create hundreds of background images, and flexible layouts. Blogger, also, allows you to publish your own audio, photos, videos, and allows you to choose your own domain name. If you have never done a blog before, you might consider using blogger, because it is simple to do. However, I have found that WordPress has many more advantages and features.

WordPress has become more popular for many people, because of the advanced plug-ins and easy set up. The biggest advantaged of using WordPress to create a blog, is that it is constantly updated. WordPress is constantly updated everyday with more plug-ins and themes. Using WordPress allows you to create your own original background theme. When you create a blog, one of the most important aspects you want to focus on, is making it different from everyone else’s. Having a different background allows your business to be more popular and more appealing.

WordPress includes a template system, which includes widgets that can be rearranged without editing PHP, or HTML code, as well as themes, that can be installed. WordPress also, has features that allow you to change the permalink structure of your site, so it is more search engine friendly. There are plug-ins that allow you to easily edit your blog. A person can easily add videos and audio to make their blog more attractive to prospects. WordPress has a plug-in called side bar widget, which allows you to easily add categories, search bars, and other links. This allows your customers to easily see different blog posts on the same page, and it gives them access to other tools on your blog.