There are many online website builders that allow you to build your own website for free, and these free website designers also help you to choose the best theme, color scheme, and layout for your website. The free website designers have their advantages, but you may find that the disadvantages far outweigh the benefits of using these “free” website designers.


The main advantage to using these free designers for your website is that they are free. There is nothing quite as nice as having a service provided for free, and setting up your website with these free services makes it much cheaper and easier than ever. If you are looking for a simple website as a blog or a personal space, you will find that working with a free website builder is easiest.

For those looking for a simple design that is easy to change at will, these designers are the best. The type of website is called “What you see is what you get” or WYSIWYG. These website builders allow you to choose from their various preset templates, and you are able to customize your website within the limits allowed by these WYSIWYG programs. All in all, getting your website off the ground has never been easier than with these simple website builders.


For those looking to start some form of online business or marketing, these free website builders are the worst possible idea. The website will be named, rather than simply This means that anyone who visits your site will see the name of the website builder, and they will subconsciously think that you cannot afford to pay for your own website. This lowers your website’s image, and will not help you to establish yourself as a professional online salesperson or marketer.

Another downside to these websites is the fact that they are very limited in what they can do. Seeing as you only alter preset templates to your preferences, you don’t really get to choose what template you are working with. You can choose from among 5 to 20 different templates, but that is fairly limited and may not give you an option that will be right for your website. You may need to pay a bit more for a template and theme from a WordPress or Joomla site, but it will be well worth it just for the fact that you can customize it at will.

The last major disadvantage of these free website builders is the fact that you will never be able to really start any online business or even earn profits from your website when using these website designers. You need visitors to come to your site in order to succeed, and SEO is the best method of attracting visitors. Using these website builders will reduce your SEO ranking greatly, and you will never really get enough visitors to earn you any money on your website. If you are looking to earn money online, you should invest in buying your own website and customizable theme that will enable you to make your website your own.