So you’re researching the Reverse Funnel System. You’ve Googled Ty Coughlin and Inner Circle with ripoff report and scam and every other way you can think of. You’re looking for the scam reports, people that got ripped off and the blogs with pages of negative info so you can write it off as another bad Work at Home “Opportunity” that’s not worth your time.

Then a funny thing happens. The positive posts FAR outweigh the negative. For every negative post, there is someone refuting the complainant and touting his/her own $1,000 commission on every sale. Now its got your attention, but you wonder, “Is the system as easy as they make it sound?”

First, nothing worthwhile is easy. However, the learning curve on The Reverse Funnel System is pretty short. The sales process is completely automated. Coughlin and his Inner Circle, a group of very experienced web marketers and entrepreneurs, have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop the system to qualify, re-qualify and ultimately close sales for you. It takes people out of the process. It eliminates human error.

The thing you’ll need to learn about is marketing. That is where the Inner Circle comes in. They have put together a nearly endless database of sites that are already working to drive targeted traffic to the funnel. Remember, if you drive targeted traffic to the funnel, the system will close sales for you. You also get access to daily training calls with Inner Circle mentors that are already having success in the system!

To shorten the marketing learning curve even further, some mentors offer personal marketing coaching for “newbies.” Not all mentors will do this, so you will want to do your research and find a mentor you feel comfortable working with.

If you sign up with the right team, and are aggressive and creative in your marketing practices, the Reverse Funnel System could change your life. One self proclaimed “Nine time MLM loser” says, “I’ve finally found success with the Reverse Funnel System! I’m truly blessed that I found Ty Coughlin, the Inner Circle mentors and the Reverse Funnel System. It has changed my life.”

Can it do the same for you? Absolutely. If you join the right team and dedicate yourself to mastering and following through on the marketing techniques that are given to you, you can see some extraordinary results.