Cheap web hosting is always the favorite for those new-comers who wanted to try their hands on web hosting services with a very low cost to pay as monthly fees due to budget constraint. It is also feasible for these new comers to use the cheap hosting plan because normally when one starts his or her own website, a cheap hosting plan used to be the only one which is affordable to these web-masters.

However as times goes and one’s business started to grow and boom, cheap web hosting service will not be there to adequately fulfill the needs anymore. Therefore, it is wise to plan ahead of time when your online business started to get more stabilized after it was kicked off. It is necessary for every web-masters to have a good plan to switch to a new web host providers one day when their business started to boom in order not to let the cheap web hosting service hampering the progress and expansion of one’s online businesses.

Due to the fact that most people will switch from a cheap web services to a dedicated server web services because they need to make sure their websites are well supported by a new hosting company in terms of key functionalities and features, as well as the level of customer service and technical support. Not forgetting about the level of reliability and quality of performance which are some of the key pre-requisites required to best support one’s upgraded Business volume and diversion.

Come on now, let us review in more depth as on when shall be the best time and situation to switch to a dedicated web hosting which always being “identified” as the Mercedes of web Hosting which cost a lot more than the cheap web hosting services,

• Virtual server hosting allows one to gain more control over the set up of both the hardware and software of the server, In addition, one also has the privilege to choose the operating system of the dedicated server, which is the heart of the server setup.

• It allows the web-masters to upgrade the software of its server should there are any upgrades or change of hardware or tools on the website with no known road-blockers to accommodate the upgrade. This situation happens whenever there is a move from shared web hosting server to dedicated web hosting server.

• If the amount of bandwidth is of constraint to the web-masters to handle its gradually growing business with increased online traffic flow to further expose its products or services to new potential customers

• When the privacy and security of the web-masters and its online business cannot be well secured and effectively managed by using a cheap hosting plan after the expansion of one’s online business. Rather than anticipating and mitigate the potential issues and risks which might affect the well-being of the website and the server itself, it is so critically important for the web-masters to call for a switch to a dedicated web host service and plan.