Linux is the most commonly used operating system for VPS hosting, since it is free and easy to use. It is fully compatible with CVS and SVN programs, and works with nearly all hosting services that offer VPS plans. When using VPS hosting, it offers the affordability of shared hosting and the security and features of a dedicated server without the higher price tag. VPS hosting enables access to the root folder and files, which is needed for the SVN system to work. Some CVS programs can run on shared hosting, and there are hosting servers that do not allow for both programs to be used on one server. They also allow the flexibility to implement software, and make changes to the existing set up as needed.

Once the hosting service has been selected and activated, upload the programs into the cPanel of choice. Some applications of SVN and CVS can be difficult to install and run, so good technical support from the software provider or web hosting service is essential when starting out. There may also be a limitation of how many users can be active on any given project in some CVS software applications.

There are those who believe the SVN is destined to replace CVS as a superior application, as it is compatible with many of the same servers and control panels. This is entirely up to the user of the software to decide which they are more comfortable with, or to use both. It may be wise to become proficient in both, and if one does tend to phase out the other, the programmer will be prepared for this and none of the projects will be adversely effected. Software and applications are being upgraded all the time, so keeping on top of the latest versions and programs just makes good business sense for any web or software developer. Any and all tools that can make the job better and easier should be used.

Back up any and all important files before installing the programs on your server, and follow all prompts exactly when installing and running the program. Testing to be sure they were installed correctly before using is recommended. Then resolve to host and all programs should run effectively. If there are any problems, the web hosting server should be able to give you live support and walk you through the difficulty. Be aware of the system requirements of the programs before installation, and be sure they are met.