Pick Your Software Be aware that some of the free blog creation tools restrict advertising on your blog. Much of the free software does not allow advertising, which can limit many of your moneymaking ideas.

One of the best blogging software programs that are fairly easy to use is WordPress.

WordPress: You can get WordPress for FREE here: WordPress.org If you want to set up your blog fast in WordPress get “Get a Real Blog” videos. You can set up a niche WordPress blog running on autopilot and depositing ad sense dollars in your bank account with the WordPress AdSense System.

WordPress is very popular and has thousands of “plug-ins” that will do things like monitor traffic, add advertising, make message boards, tell a friend, and more. There are plug-ins that will rotate your advertising on your website.

You can also have your own WordPress blog without doing anything. You can generate a free WordPress blog with a free template where you can post pictures and videos. Be aware thought there are some strict rules against publishing ads, though affiliate links are OK. The Google search engine monster indexes even these free WordPress blogs so you will get traffic by using the right keywords.

Blogger: If you think WordPress is too complicated check out Blogger, owned by Google. Blogger is a free like WordPress. Just get a Google username, pick a free templates, and you are ready to go There are some advertising restrictions though at this time there is little policing. (This could change at any time.)