Have you ever tried using a countdown timer? I think majority of us do. So, what is it for? One of the reasons could be controlling the time span of a particular special offer or promo because freebies could never be around every single day in a year. If that’s the case it would mean lowering the price to the fullest for eternity and that is an unwise thing to do.

The ultimate countdown bar helps you in creating a timer for every page of your WordPress powered site. Basically, it is the one who keeps track of the remaining time of the event so you do not have to check your clock and calendar regularly for the reason of terminating the promo.

Let us cite and example, say you want to give a special offer to your customer for two days. The offer will remain active for 48 hours, more than the specified time would mean the users cannot enter that specific page anymore. This plugin is a very convenient thing to use because tracking the estimated time left for a page would not be a problem to the webmasters anymore. This creates slack to generate more leads. Thus we can say that it increases the conversion rates of sales pages, opt-in pages and promos. It snags the power of scarcity to bring out the best of your page. The look of the countdown bar is not a problem since it is designed very well which would make it suitable for every WordPress powered site.

3 Basic Steps in configuring a plugin:

1. Purchase / download the plugin.

2. Upload the downloaded plugin from the computer directory.

3. Install the plugin on WordPress and activate it.

Guidelines in using the plugin:

1. Go to pages and add new post.

2. A countdown bar section is noticeable at the right side of the “post page”

3. Adding a title is done by typing the preferred title at the first row of the countdown bar.

4. If you want to choose the page or URL to be redirected after the timer, you can change it by changing the URL just below the title for the countdown bar.

5. Adding of an expiration date and time could be changed/ added below the URL redirection.

6. Selecting the format of the timer is also possible.

7. The countdown bar will start automatically once the post is published.