After 3 weeks of website hosting, I have familiarised myself with some of the technical terms used by webmasters world wide. Some of the terms are:

1. SEO (search engine optimisation)

2. Outbound inbound links, backlinks

3. Website submission, blogroll, social booking marking, link scheme

4. Direct/Referal/SearchEngine traffic, paid traffic

5. PPC (pay per click), PPP (pay per post)

6. Referals, Affiliate programs

7. Blackhat whitehat SEO

8. eCPM (click per miles), CTR (click through rate)

9. meta tags including content, title, desciption, keywords

Not a complete list of what SEO is all about, but anyway, just a few days ago, I stumbled upon this term called ‘expensive keywords’. Boy was I confused. How can keywords be expensive? Keywords are words that you randomly put in your keyword meta tag which will describe your website/blog, so for example if I choose ‘peritoneal mesothelioma treatment’, then that means I am trying to tell others that my website/blog is about mesothelioma treatment. So how can random words that you choose out of the blue be expensive?

It was after some research when I realise why keywords can be expensive. In the world of SEO, advertisers whose advertisement can be found in Google Ads bid prices for these words. These keywords describe their website. But since there are others who are also trying to advertise their website with the same keywords, these advertisers will have to bid a higher price for them. So when somebody’s website content is about ‘google affiliate’, ‘domains yahoo’ or ‘peritoneal mesothelioma treatment’, then the websites of those advertiser with the highest bid for the mentioned keywords will be shown first thing in the Google Ads list.

That is what is understand about ‘expensive keywords’. The problem is, how can anybody’s content be about weird stuff like peritoneal mesothelioma anyway?