Unlike before, most website owners prefer to use long tail keywords more than general keywords. This is because long tail keywords also known as secondary keywords proved to be more efficient in providing profits. The more specific keywords only imply that the searcher is more serious in his or her query and not just randomly doing searches. This means that the visitors directed to your website are potential buyers and not just on lookers, guaranteeing higher profits for your online business.

There are three types of keyword generator research tools you could use to determine which long tail keywords to put in your website content. The first one is a keyword generator based on a dictionary. This tool is considered to be the least efficient among the three types of keyword generators but this would be perfect if you are just starting out with your website. By using a dictionary, you would be informed of the right keywords in your website but the synonyms, the plural forms and the other variations would be disregarded, leading to an ineffective relevant keyword search.

However, combining this keyword generator tool with a generator based on popularity would enable you to really identify which long tail keywords to include in your website. An example of this tool is Google’s free suggestion tool. You could use this by browsing through the most popular keywords being searched by visitors. Pairing this with the dictionary-based keyword generator would lead to a more efficient long tail keyword search because the keywords that would come up are based on actual search queries. One thing you should be careful about though is to spot which keywords to put in your website and which to ignore. Even if one long tail keyword is popular, it does not mean that it is relevant to your website content. You should not pick long tail keywords solely based on their popularity but also based on their relevance to what you are selling on your website.

The third keyword generator tool that would help you identify which keywords would bring about more profits to your website is a keyword generator based on web log files. Once your website has received significant attention for customers, you would now have enough web log files as basis for your research. This keyword generator would browse through your personal web files and identify the keywords that are most frequently searched. Respond to this by creating new webpages that contain the popular keywords.