One of the best ways to build a dynamic website on a budget is to utilize one of the many open source CMS platforms on the market today. Software options including WordPress, Drupal and Joomla allow beginning and experienced web developers to easily customize websites. Built on flexible frameworks, it is easy to customize features and designs through modules and themes. Whether you want to build your own unique site or want to build upon a well established framework, open CMS options are ideal for modern web development.

For businesses and individuals just getting started with website development, you can setup an Open source content management system on nearly any Linux hosting package. With a mySQL database, you can easily integrate membership and content management features into your website without the need for custom development. As a result, working with a CMS can accelerate your development time so you can focus on building out your brand.

Open Source Hosting

By combining a Linux based hosting platform with an open PHP and mySQL based software package, you will have flexibility to build your website as you wish. While you may begin with a simple site, using open software will ensure you can scale up your hosting installation to handle more web traffic as you site grows. The combination of easy setup and the ability to expand your site makes software platforms such as Word Press and Movable Type great options for a variety of sites.

Whether you are a small business looking to expand your web marketing, or are a freelance developer with a business idea, open hosting allows you to more easily develop a variety of feature rich sites.