These days you don’t need to be a genius to make money online. All you need is a computer, a broadband connection, a hosting company and bit of get up and go. And those that say that the web is swamped with people trying make money online are talking pure and utter hogwash. How many of your friends are doing it? How many of your work colleagues are doing it? I suspect that the answer to both questions is approximately zero. It’s still very possible to boost your income via a variety of simple and proven techniques.

One of the biggest misconceptions is that you need to be a technical wizard and understand programming languages like HTML and PHP to get a website up and running. Yes – this did used to be the case. However, now quite frankly anybody can get a very adequate website up and running within about 24 hours (23 hours of which is just waiting for your domain name to be registered). If you can write a post in a forum then you can do it – guaranteed!

What nonsense I hear your say! What complete and utter poppycock! OK, if you don’t believe me I’ll tell you how.

Sign up with a hosting company, register a domain name (part of the joining process and entirely automated), install WordPress (it’s free and just like installing a program onto your computer), find a free template that you like and upload it into WordPress and you’re just about done. 20 minutes work maybe? Pick an interest that you’ll enjoy writing about and write 2 posts a day of about 350 words (search engines love WordPress and fresh, regular new content). The search engines will find your site and gradually bring more visitors to your site. And the more content you have on your site contains the more traffic you will get. Add Google Awords to your site (virtually automated with most WordPress templates once you have signed up with AdWords and have the necessary reference number). Within about 5 months you’ll be earning about $10 a day. Move onto the next project and repeat the process or run several projects in parallel. Won’t be long before you’re earning an extra $2000 a month.

Simple hey?