When we learn affiliate marketing from someone who has proven success with a proven formula you are then setting yourself up for tremendous success.

With over 20 years in marketing and mentoring hundreds of people online, the strategies I am about to share with you are not only proven but are the strongest on the Internet.

Most affiliate marketing programs on the Internet will make their company sound great by offering all the tools you need to succeed. This might include a replicated website, capture pages, sales pages, autoresponders and a host of other great sounding tools.

Sounds great right, it is the single biggest reason people fail online with affiliate marketing. The capture pages, sales pages and all opt in forms will make the prospect you work very hard to generate the property of the affiliate company, not yours.

So sure you might generate some sales but let’s look at facts. For every 100 people who opt into one of those capture pages only 1-2 will purchase the product you are promoting. That means the other 98 can only be marketed to by the affiliate company not you, this is no way to build a business.

With that said by taking a few hours to set your own blog up and setting it up for search engine optimization, you are now able to choose many products to promote to the list of prospects that are owned by you.

This now allows you to market to that list for the rest of your life with any product you desire, that is the way you build financial security. If you don’t have a blog you need one and there are many videos all over the Internet that show you how to build a WordPress blog within a couple of hours.

Be sure your blog is set up for search engine optimization because you want to become best friends with Google. Be sure your blog has these free plugins:

  • All In One SEO Pack
  • XML SiteMap
  • DiggDigg

The SEO and sitemap will set your blog and blog post up in a format that Google prefers. The DiggDigg is an amazing tools that can be used to syndicate your blog post.

When we learn affiliate marketing we quickly realize that offering free content through your blog is the best way to build your list and generate a significant income. You will want to write blog post articles of 300 plus words about the many subjects within your niche.

If you have ever heard that content is king on the Internet I am here to tell you that simply is not true if your the only one looking at it. Proper syndication (sharing of your content) will allow you to drive traffic to your blog almost at will if you follow the strategies below.

Once you publish each blog post it’s time to head over to Facebook. Be sure you have an image within your blog post that is relevant to the subject. This strategy is going to give you many backlinks from one of the strongest websites in the world as well as a lot of traffic, leads and income.

Once in Facebook you want to head up to the Facebook search bar. Place your niche within the search bar and find 40-50 groups within your niche. Be sure to join each group and copy the link onto a word document as you will be using them a lot.

  • Once you have joined the groups you will take the exact URL of the blog post you just published.
  • Head over to one of the groups you have joined and look for the link button to add a link.
  • Place the URL from the blog post into the box provided and click share.

This takes you all of 30 seconds to do since Facebook will take your title, image and description straight from your blog.

By taking less than an hour and placing your blog post link into 40-50 groups on a daily basis you will generate tremendous traffic and authority to your blog. As you continue to learn affiliate marketing there are additional strategies you can use to syndicate your blog.

Authority of course is something Google gives you because of the massive backlinks you will have coming into your blog. This will allow future blog post to rank very highly in the search results giving you additional free traffic from Google for your affiliate products.