Many webmasters have learned that the secret to online success is finding what people are searching for and then delivering their audience what they want.

Keyword marketing research can help save a load of cash and make more in the bargain. Keyword research is all about finding the most popular keywords related to an online business and driving traffic to the site by writing blog posts and articles around those popular keywords and publishing them on various web sites to get the site indexed.

It is important to learn how to effectively use the free online keyword research tools to find the relevant keywords that have the potential to drive traffic to a site. Care should be taken to choose the relevant keyword. And results should be taken with a pinch of salt – they are best used as a guideline rather than gospel truth.

I mean using a keyword or phrase about shoes to drive traffic to a site will be of no use if the site is about furniture. This will only annoy a visitor who may be bad publicity in the long run. So keep your focus when you are doing this kind of marketing. Indeed, the tighter your focus the better your results are likely to be.

In order to get the most relevant keywords and key phrases one can always look up a competitors site. Using other online tools to check ranking of a site it is possible to find out where the traffic is coming from and what keywords are driving that traffic to the site. The tool will also show specific demographic locations from traffic is originating.

Using this information one can then use the online free keyword tools to find substitute keywords as well and make a list of keywords that can be used in article marketing, back linking, blog posting and social networking to get the site indexed higher in the search engines and in the event drive traffic to a web site.

Keyword marketing research is the answer to driving hordes of traffic to any site. It is all in choosing the right keywords and marketing the site aggressively using the various methods such as article marketing, link building, pay per click campaigns, email marketing and other forms of online advertising. The easiest keywords to target are usually sets of several words as these mean the surfer has tried to narrow down their search to find the most relevant answer.