Joomla is one of famous open source development platform due to its customizable capability, availability of variety of plugins and of course eCommerce solution acceptability. There are several reasons why Joomla development is given higher importance than any other software.

Language support

Joomla as an open source CMS many languages. In cases where you do not have English customers and readers, you need your site to be easily comprehensible to the target audience. Therefore if you have a CMS that extends to international languages, it boosts the number of visitors to your website development it easy for them to read the site in their preferred language. With just a click of the mouse, visitors can customize the settings and change the language.


As a user friendly interface, Joomla allows many people to work on the CMS at the same time. With its ease of use, there is not just one person who will be responsible to make changes or upload the content with someone’s permission. Proper training and accurate permissions will allow a person to work on the CMS and publish content in real time using a web browser.

User Authentication

As a professional CMS, Joomla has its own authentications marked by users. There are options of having many users who can access the site with their respective user name and password.

Choose from many templates

There are various templates to choose from to give your website the preferred look. In Joomla, a template displays all the pages and you can make changes in them as and when you want. To change the entire look of the site, all you need to do is make a click.

Use of extensions

This is the most important feature of Joomla that sets it apart from rest of the content management systems. Joomla allows extension use which means that with numerous extensions one can develop the site as they like without having the need of any other development. You just need to find and select the right extension.

Companies that aim success in the online world must consider the use of Joomla in their systems. It meets all the parameters of running successfully for an organisation. Therefore, when you compare its features of creating applications, its functionality, performance as well as interactivity and user friendliness, Joomla proves to be 99.9% better than the rest in competition.