If you want to earn more money online you don’t need to work more. You just need more great ideas. You need great ideas about products, marketing, traffic conversions, unique selling hooks and more.

So how can you come up with more great ideas?

Ideas are important because if you can write a better sales page that can increase sales by 10-20%, then that’s working smarter, not harder.

They say that boredom begets creativity and that is never truer than with children. The less they have to do, the more creative they become with ideas for games they can play.

Sadly, today, children are kept busy with out-of-school activities such as sport, dance, drama, proms and other things, so they have less time for thinking.

Before the days of computer games when most kids had a lot of unstructured time and played out in the street, they used to use their imaginations on a daily basis and so were very inventive and creative.

And this is true for adults too. The more free time you have, the more ideas you’ll have.

Some of my best ideas have arrived when I’m not working, rather than when I am.

How to be more creative.

If you want to be more creative you need to have some quiet time. This doesn’t mean that there has to be no noise around you, but rather, no noise in your head. In other words; stop thinking.

It’s all too easy to get caught up in “busy” days with no time to stop. So what you need to do is schedule some “unbusy” time every day. It doesn’t have to be a long time. Just 10 to 15 minutes will do.

You can listen to music and close your eyes.

Sit down and have a cold drink at the end of the day.

Go for a walk.

Sit in the garden and enjoy nature.

They say that no one can work well all day long. By mid afternoon we’re all tired and no longer on top of our game.

This is when it’s best to stop and have some quiet “down” time, just to unwind, de-stress and collect our thoughts.

This, however, is not time that should be spent frantically trying to come up with the next great idea.

It won’t happen that way.

Instead you just need to get quiet and let your subconscious do its own thing.

And eventually, you’ll shout “Eureka!”

Just try it and you’ll be amazed how something so simple can work so well.

Get some ‘quiet’ time every day to help boost creativity and increase your online business success.