It can be very disheartening that after all your work very few people are reading your blog. Don’t give up because here are 3 proven ways to get traffic.

Proper Keyword Research

If you make a post based on a little searched keyword you will not get much traffic. You must research the keyword data to find keyword terms that are getting a lot of searches. All the better if these terms have low competition so it is easier for you to rank in the search engines. So start writing your posts around keywords that command many searches and you will find that you get an increase in traffic.

Article Submission

Submit original articles to article directories and Web 2.0 sites to get more readers. Sites such as have a large web master readership who are looking for unique content for their own web sites. So as well as the articles appearing in the search engines they may also be published on other web sites. Write a resource box to direct people to your blog.

Repeat Visitors

If your blog is good people will bookmark your site and check it out regularly. Encourage people to comment on your content and subscribe to the feed. That way when new comments are posted they will be automatically informed of the update and will return to your blog. You can also incorporate reader polls. People love sites that are interactive. Lastly,keep your blog updated regularly to give people a reason to come back. If your last post was 6 months ago they may not come back. So get cracking with these 3 proven ways of increasing traffic to your blog.