You will find plenty of programs online that can teach you how to earn online but a great way to get going is with a free blog. However, not any kind of platform works when you’re looking to make money off a blog. For instance WordPress will shut down your free blog account if they think your trying to get people to go to another website. You will also find that they don’t let men and women put their Google AdSense codes on the blogs. On the other hand Google owns blogger. com which will let you put AdSense blocks and also promote affiliate programs. Blogger would be the best choice for anybody looking for a free money making blog.

Much like WordPress you’ll be able to choose a template for your blog. While the amount of themes you can choose is not as huge as WordPress they still have different alternatives. You will also be easily able to change the appearance of your blog with a couple of mouse clicks. And so for those of you who want to make sure your blog is unique, you’ll be able to do that inside the setting. This really is one thing that a lot of individuals like concerning this blog itself.

Furthermore adding your AdSense codes is very simple and can be achieved with just a click of your mouse. They will include the particular AdSense blocks to your blog and also have them automatically match the particular style of your blog. This means no more going to Google to try to set up your AdSense codes and getting all of them to match your blog. Your site can also be updated to new colors very easily and also update the colors of your AdSense codes.

If you want to add your affiliate banners that can be done that in the side bar using a gadget, pretty much the same as a widget. And given that they make it so easy to incorporate these, you will have one more way to earn from your blog. A lot of people use affiliate marketing if they are trying to earn money. Now you’ll have both AdSense and affiliate programs both, supplying you with multiple ways to make money. Needless to say you can choose any type of affiliate program you want, you do not just have to use ClickBank affiliate items.

One more great thing about utilizing blogger to set up your free blog is the point that Google is the owner of them. Because of this you have a better chance to rank your blog with minimal effort. This will help you to start out getting traffic quickly. You will additionally find that you will begin earning money quicker as a result of the site visitors.

So the truth is that you can make money online without having to shell out a fortune. Utilizing a free blog will also wind up saving you money as you won’t have to get a web hosting account and a domain name. In short if your looking for a way to make money online, but you do not have hardly any money to get started you can start with a free blog.