Before I get into this Firepow review I want to describe my desperate situation…

Day after day goes by as an Internet marketer where I find myself wasting valuable time setting up blog after blog and then work even harder to get traffic to them and try and dominate the search engines. I wish I could automate all the things that don’t really need my intervention and focus on the things that do. Every time I go through the same tedious tasks over and over again I say a little prayer to the WordPress blogging gods to make life just a little bit easier.

But constantly I find myself looking outside my window to the sky, crying tormented screams because once again my prayers to the WordPress gods have gone unanswered and I am once again sitting in my chair starring blankly at my computer screen feeling overwhelmed and in a state that’s opposite to Nike’s quote “Just Do It”.

If you have been a WordPress blog user for any length of time you will know by now that it is not an easy or quick process to set up a blog. As much as the WordPress website raves about it’s 5 minute installation, we all know that to fully configure your blog and make it get noticed, indexed and ready for the search engines is a lot of work and most of it is very unpleasant and time consuming.

But there is a new blogging software called Firepow that is about to be launched on July 2st and it looks as though it may be the answer to not only speeding up the creation of WordPress blogs but also in many other areas that previous blogging software predecessors have dared not go.

I have set up a lot of blogs in the past that have been hosted on my own server and I cringe every time I have to set a new one up and wish I could just speed up the process and do what I love doing which is posting content and getting people to my blogs. Customization and optimization time consuming and require some technical knowledge and messing around with CSS and PHP code. Not very fun!

I have been looking for a software that would help me to streamline the process of setting up my blogs and getting them exactly how I want them in as little time as possible. When I got an email about Firepow a couple of months ago I finally thought that the WordPress gods had answered my prayers after tormenting me all these years.

Firepow can not only sets up your own fully customized blog in 5 minutes flat with a few click of the mouse button but it also lets you generate your own themes as well, all without touching any code whatsoever. Just point and click.

Lots of bloggers came to the WordPress blogging platform because of the extra enhancement they can add to their blogs through third party plugins. This is the thing I absolutely love about WordPress but it can be an absolute nightmare setting up all the plugins and adding code into the templates. It is a very time consuming process but very necessary to guarantee success with your blog.

Firepow solves this problem because it has a really cool feature that lets you automatically add as many plugins as you want to your blog from a list of over 100 of the best WordPress plugins available. And whats more if any of the plugins need you to add any code, tweak the templates or change any options Firepow also does this automatically as well!

Web 2.0 is hot right now and Firepow also gives you the power to tap into up to 40 social networks through its social submitter which will blast your posts out to all the hottest bookmarking sites. This will not only give you one way links back to your site but a chance to put your content in front of thousands of new eyes.

The designer of this software is a man named Andrew Hansen who is a young Internet marketer from Australia. Andrew and his team of coders have also created seventeen custom made plugins especially for Firepow users. I have been able to test drive three of them and they are very impressive. Some of the plugins allow you to add Camtasia video’s to posts seamlessly, others let you split test posts and another lets you get a boost to your SEO by adding h1 and h2 header tags to your main keywords. I can’t wait to get my greedy little hands on the other fourteen.

These days my tormented screams have been replaced by sounds of joy as blogging is just that, a joy. No more wasteful activities and time consuming suckers of time. My Internet marketing is at a whole new level as Firepow has given me all the tools I will ever need to propel my blogging into the stratosphere.

I hope you have enjoyed this Firepow Review.