eBay sees Keyword spamming as a minor violation. However repeated warnings over this policy will eventually have your account suspended or even terminated.

So, what exactly is Keyword spamming?

Firstly you need to release how eBay users works. The majority of users on eBay search for keywords – they do not browse though the relevant categories.

For example if I was looking for a new car, I would type “HONDA” into the search box rather than browse to the Honda category of the vehicle section.

Secondly you need to be aware that eBay’s system only searches for these keywords in the title – It will not scan the description for the keywords I specify.

eBay would then present me with a list of items with the keyword “honda” in the title. Any item such as Honda CRX or Honda keyring will be shown to me as the search results.

So, some sellers will fill their item title with keywords that they expect will be searched for more. If the keywords are relevant to the item they’re listing then it’s within eBay policy.

If the keywords they use are not relevant to what they’re listing, it is known as Keyword spamming.

One example of Keyword spamming would be “Honda CRX for sale – not nissan or toyota” Anyone searching for the keyword “nissan” will be shown this item and it’s fairly obvious the words are not relevant.

Apart from being against eBay policy, using techniques like this is likely to irritate most users as they’re presented with unexpected results.