AdSense, the most lucrative CPC program doesn’t reveal its potential until you get used to the system. If you are one to give up your efforts within weeks after copy pasting the AdSense script in your website, this article can make you to seriously rethink. Yes, it is POSSIBLE to make good money with AdSense.

Traffic is the most important factor that determines your income. You need to do basic SEO or use social media sites to generate at least 50 visitors per day to your site.

Traffic not only affects your income quantitatively but it has a part to do with its quality. Traffic which gives high earnings is the traffic looking to buy products or services. This is why I stress choosing the right keywords is very important. Your topic of content and keywords should be able to attract people looking to pay for some services or products.

With traffic that is ready to BUY, advertisers make a lot of money. If they make a lot of money on a particular market or keyword groups, they are willing to pay more money on that niche to stay on top of other advertisers. This is why some keywords pay more than some others. For example, keywords related to ‘mobile phones’ would be paying higher than keywords related to ‘gardening’. This is because, people searching for keywords like mobile phones would be willing to BUY phones.

In short, keywords that are powerful enough to create sales are the highest paying ones. Think as an advertiser and ask yourself if you would pay high on the keyword you choose. This is the best way to make money With AdSense.