Let me tell you about a homemade carp bait my grandfather told me to use (every time he goes fishing he is catching carp no meter where he goes using this groundbait ).

From the appearance of the modern carp boilies a lot of traditional carp baits have been forgotten. Is it good? Are boilies better? That will remain to you than a judge and a try.

Introducing the old ” Carp Fishing Bait ”

The old fishing books recommend mainly corn and potatoes bait for carp fishing. Raw or boiled, potatoes can be in many cases a great bait. There are few swamps which abound on the banks of potato cultivation, former fisherman take a potato, peel it, cut it into cubes and go fishing. A potato cubes stuck in the hook was the bait to catch the beautiful specimens of carp all over Romania’s lakes and rivers.

Masters fisheries of the time recommended boiling the potatoes, this certainly makes them softer, easier to steal (or down) of the hook but the attraction of carp is higher, and all of us are searching to make the carp attracted by our bait. Boiled potatoes well, tormented with bread and garnished even better with some grains of corn in the milk was put on a paste secret top.

By the Danube river you can still see old men fishing with potatoes cubes and catching huge carp, this makes me believe that potatoes should still blow over, maybe we should give him a chance in May.

Worth trying this old carp fishing bait? YES!