Social media is the latest tool that businesses are utilizing to connect with their target audience. The explosion of social media in the last few years has been enormous. While more than half of the world rests on major social media platforms, business owners get the golden opportunity to connect with a market of millions. Owing to this widespread access of social media, more and more businesses are integrating social media into their websites. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other major social media platform, you can see business websites donning integrated plugins that marks the business presence on these sites. If you too are planning to explore the arena of social media and reap its benefits, then Drupal can assist you in the same.

Looking to connect with millions of users waiting for you on that platform? Well, Drupal has made connecting your website with social media platforms easy. As you connect with all major platforms through the available Drupal plugins, you will get more dedicated traffic, increased number of hits and higher revenues. Drupal offers several pre-developed modules for social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. You can integrate these modules in your Drupal-powered website and get all the information that you need to make Twitter and Facebook profit reaping platforms for your business.

Top Plugins Available for Integration with Your Drupal Website:

Drupal Module for Twitter: As name suggests, this Drupal module is dedicated to Twitter accounts. Using this module, you can manage multiple Twitter accounts from your Drupal account itself. You also have the option of posting tweets directly from your Drupal account through a custom string format.

Drupal Module for Facebook: This module allows the developers to completely utilize the features of Drupal while developing Facebook Apps. The developers can take advantage of Drupal’s in-built functionalities like views, blocks and schemes while working on their Apps. Moreover, the themes, modules and sub-modules allow the developers to add only those plugins that will compliment your website.

FBConnect: This module is a requisite to complete the integration of your Drupal website with your Facebook Apps. Using this module, users are allowed to log into their Facebook account through your Drupal website or create a local account on your website. Moreover, this module reflects your Facebook activity on your Drupal website and vice versa. Facebook Social Plugins: Installing this module would allow you to make the most of the marketing abilities of Facebook. You get an access to all major Facebook plugins including like box, like button, comments, live stream, activity feed and recommendations.

Facebook Status Updates Plug-in: This module integrates your Facebook updates with RSS Feeds and prominently displays them on your website. Moreover, Drupal permissions allow you to exercise a control over who views and comments on your posts. If you have a blog or a small website, this module is just perfect for you.

Social media phenomenon has spread like forest fire. More and more business owners today are using social media modules for their Drupal site to enhance their traffic and sales. Moreover, today even users are utilizing these platforms to find solutions to all their major needs. They look up for service providers and judge them as per their social media presence. These modules are very effective and can work wonders if they are used in conjugation with proper design and development skills. Hiring professional services for integrating social media in Drupal is a smart choice.

Drupal may require technical knowledge at times. So, if you do not have a sound knowledge about the technical aspects, you can hire some professional from major IT companies to do it for you. Several IT companies offer integration services with Drupal. There are several DIY tutorials that are also available online. In case you want you can take help of these as well.