To make a website is quite easy. All it requires is some basic level programming knowledge. However, it totally depends on what kind of website you want to make. If you want your website to look totally professional, and include all kinds of features like ad rotators, banners, pictures and videos, programming complexity would increase. Also, these days, the focus is on making websites that use very little bandwidth. Thus, manual programming would take a long time, a lot of resources and cost you a lot of money. The best website design would be one that included many features, arranged systematically on the page, and using up the least possible amount of bandwidth. Keeping the bandwidth has several advantages. It can be accessed by more people, and it is much faster.

WordPress as a designing Tool

WordPress is thus the best way to design an efficient and exciting website. It allows you to have as many features as you like, and greatly optimises on the bandwidth requirement needs of the website. This drastically reduces your costs. You will not have to spend a lot of money on developers, who would take a long time to deliver anyway. WordPress is simple, easy and quick.

But then you may wonder about the standardisation issues. There are many ways to ensure that your website design looks unique and professional, and unlike other websites. One of the ways is to add additional features with the help of some basic customisation options on WordPress. You can make a custom website design using some of the best WordPress themes. There are many themes available that could be used to suit your requirements. You could pick any theme that suited with the content that you are posting on your website. For example, if you are an organisation for a youth magazine, you could use a ‘Thesis’ theme. If your website is meant for e-commerce and online shopping, you could use the special Ecommerce theme. This could be further personalised to add your own specific touches. You could change the colours of the background, the font, the arrangement of the various frames, and so on, and thus create a really great website, that would help you market better.

Business websites

Business website designs are best powered by WordPress. There are special themes like ‘Revolution pro-business’ and ‘Market’ that are especially suited for businesses. Business websites need to have several features – like space for ads, content, headers, footers, audio, video, live streaming and so on. WordPress serves as a boon if you need to develop a website for your business. It is very cheap, and you will be able to make a really powerful and an affordable website design. Budding entrepreneurs especially could benefit the most from this.