Welcome to dedicated hosting services. Here you can find a dedicated server usually refers to the actual computer that your hosting is on. Really this refers to the rental and specific use of a computer that includes a Web server and joint to the online Internet. Today a dedicated server is needed for Web site that may develop a relevant amount of business traffic.

In fact this refers to when you actually rent an entire computer for yourself and you did not share the other resources, memory and so on. Simply It is known as a rented service because it means you are renting an physical server for use all by yourself and you did not have to use share system resources with other websites.

Today every one like this services because it is reliable, affordable, more secure, faster, more private and better suited to complex applications.This is also be provide self managed services to customer. some services of hosting manage spam and firewall protection and so on other.

Server management includes some resources like:

  1. Updates of Operating System
  2. Server monitoring
  3. Updates of anti virus
  4. Application monitoring
  5. Technical support
  6. Application updates
  7. Firewall services
  8. Security services
  9. Backups support
  10. Recovery services
  11. Testing
  12. Load balancing
  13. Relevant performance
  14. Software installation and configuration

Types of server managed support

  • Fully Managed – In this we need fully manage the operating system upgrades, manage performance, security,high speed, software updates, and customer also be satisfy.
  • Managed – this is a medium type of management, updates, and fixed amount of support.
  • Self Managed -This is also be need regular monitoring and management. Customers provide more operation and tasks on dedicated server.
  • Un managed -In this no involvement from service provider. Only Customers provide all management, updates, speed and security.