As WordPress becomes the most favored content management system in the world, WordPress developers are looking for newer ways to optimize blogs and website. In WordPress, search engine optimization is one of the most debated topics. WordPress SEO is a bit different from normal optimization process given the fact that most of its actions are automated. Most WordPress developers add their unique touches to a blog or websites to rank them high on the search engines.

For your project, the best option is to outsource the job to an offshore development center. Here expert developers will not only develop your blog or website but will also optimize it. If you have some specific keywords or geographies to target, you can approach these offshore development centers with such requests and they will offer solutions to meet your specific needs.

Tips To Follow for WordPress SEO

  • First and foremost, programmers need to optimize the permalink (URL that directs to a particular entry in a specified blog/website). The default permalink is SEO unfriendly and for best WordPress SEO purposes, you should ensure that the title of the pages and posts is used in the URL. You can make your permalink setting which should be “postname”.
  • When it comes to WordPress development most of us ignore the importance of pages like About Us, Contact Us, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Optimizing these will not only increase your traffic but also your brand value.
  • Install Google XML sitemap generator, as these are search-engine-friendly directories of your website, which are intended to help search engine crawlers crawl through your website.Yahoo and Bing also have their XML sitemaps, which you can try.
  • Have you enabled commenting on your website? Comments play a vital role in optimizing your blog or website. You engage the readers and get them involved in your website. Make sure this is enabled.
  • Integrate social media to your website or blog. Social media marketing complements WordPress development and increases your website visibility. You can easily do this by integrating Facebook and Twitter to your website and also get traffic from these sources.
  • Last but not the least, publish quality content. In search engine optimization content is the king so as long as you publish original and quality content, including targeted keywords, you will not only see your blog or website rise in the search engine but also hold positions.

These tips kept in mind will help you in optimizing your blog or website to rank high on search engines. WordPress SEO is as important as development itself as the success or failure of your blog will be decided by the number of visitors. To get your own WordPress Site, visit