What is drip feeding content?

Drip feeding the content means slowly releasing the content based on certain criteria like time, date or member registration etc. This content can be simple text articles, videos, images or tutorials. Recently many web sites are using WordPress. They install WordPress plugins to release content on their web site.

Why you need drip feeding of the content?

  • To make the search engines keep coming back: Everybody knows that search engines love content rich sites. So if you release the content periodically search engines keep coming back to crawl it and more pages of your web site are indexed in search engine database. Of course how much of that content will be actually presented to a searcher is based on the quality of the content and backlinks to the page. But providing the content to search engines is the first step to get search engines crawled.
  • Member content: Some webmasters release the newsletters, video tutorials or member content slowly to their members for a certain amount of member fee. So members view the content based on their date of subscription. This way you can control how much content a member views based on their membership level, subscription fee or date of subscription.
  • Set up and forget: When you are going on a vacation but still need to update your site or members area, you can dripfeed the articles with your software and update your site accordingly. This way you don’t have to follow up the process manually. Most of these drip feed scripts use cron jobs to publish the content. So you need to set up the cron in your cpanel.

Here is a free CMS with free drip feed feature. You can drip feed your content based on – Based on date of article adding, based on date of the month, based on user registration date etc. You can also drip feed both public and private content. Public articles and content will be viewed by your web site visitor and private content will only be accessed by your members.