SEO copywriting is the perfect high-paying, work-from-home job with huge growth potential. If you’ve ever considered starting a freelance writing career, or want to find an ideal work-from-home job that pays well, SEO copywriting is it. Following is why.

Internet marketers are beginning to value the services of professional SEO copywriters who know their stuff, so to speak. And, it’s no wonder. The growth in online advertising is exploding and junk content (ie, $5 per article content providers) just doesn’t drive traffic — and convert prospects into buyers — the way professionally written content does.

Internet Marketing: The Growth Explosion of Online Advertising

Professional SEO copywriters will be in great demand for years to come, if the following is anything to go by:

According to a 2007 ZenithOptimedia report, online advertising will hit three milestones in the coming years: (i) it will surpass radio ad spending in 2008; (ii) it will make up a double-digit share of global advertising in 2009; and (iii) it will surge pass s magazine ad spending in 2010.

And, this may be the most shocking statistic of all when it comes to the growth of online advertising: “We forecast it to grow 24% in 2008 and 69% over the next three years, reaching US$61 billion in 2010. We forecast the traditional media to grow 5% and 14% respectively over the same periods.” [Source: ZenithOptimedia December 2007 Press Release, Market to accelerate in 2008 despite credit squeeze (Learn more at ZenithOptimedia dot com)]

With this kind of money pouring into the market, internet marketers are going to rely on SEO copywriters who really understand the intricacies of web marketing. A relatively new niche, it is rapidly expanding profession.

SEO copywriting is paying huge dividends for those who are savvy enough to start building a reputation while it the industry is in its infancy. Learning about keyword density, long-tail keywords, foundational content, link building, etc. are all part of knowing how to write SEO content that is not only grammatically correct, but helps the search engines to drive traffic.

And, driving traffic and converting customers is what internet marketing is all about. SEO copywriters who know how to speak this language to potential clients will be the ones who position themselves to take advantage of the explosive growth that is already underway in online advertising.

Basics to Look for in an SEO Copywriter

If you’re a company looking to hire an SEO copywriter, following are a few guidelines:

1. Do They Understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO): When you mention things like keyword phrases, inbound links, article marketing and long-tail keywords, are they able to speak the language.

If the SEO copywriter you’re thinking of hiring doesn’t grasp the basics, continue your search.

2. Services Offered: An SEO copywriter’s service list will clue you in as to how knowledgeable the are about the industry. If they offer meta tag writing, for example, then you know they have some behind-the-scenes knowledge, over and above good writing skills.

3. SEO Writing Samples: Every freelance writer should have writing samples they can show you. Professional ones will have them on their website.

These are beginning basics you should look for when hiring an SEO copywriter.

If you’re an aspiring SEO copywriter, these are the basics to get in place before you start marketing for clients. SEO copywriting is not hard; it’s just a field that takes some studying. Once SEO writing concepts are grasped, they can be turned into a very lucrative freelance writing career (ie, $25-$100 or more for 350-500 word SEO articles).

To learn more about what SEO copywriting is, read this basic SEO writing primer.