cPanel which is stand for control panel in short is one of the most-used control panel amongst webmasters today. It is well-known for its effectiveness for users with its graphic user interface which makes operating it an easy walk through the park. It brings convenience for users to operate their designing and administrative task. It also has great functionality with its many features available for the user to use.

Let’s take a look at cPanel’s benefits. It is a program that runs on Linux platforms that comes with a lot of Unix-like environment. It has great security and accessibility. It also possesses Spam Assassin that can protect you from hackers out there with their unsolicited emails attacking your inbox. This is valuable because once a hacker get a hold of your domain, they can do all sorts of damage and all the effort that you have put in would be in vain. You will lose everything that you have tried so hard to build just because you do not have a Spam Assassin.

It has the famous Fantastico script installer that allows users to simply click and install. If you want a blog or a message board, just click and you can include them in your website. This is great for users who have less knowledge eliminating the need for them to learn on how to import third-party application.

cPanel works very effectively because it combines several scripts and web-based applications together even though they can work well on their own. It is a preferred choice for many webmasters because it comes with plenty of features together with their web hosting packages making it a reasonable choice.

Due to its popularity, cPanel have become the number one target for malicious attackers. Many hackers are looking for methods on how they can manipulate the programming scripts to access other people’s domains. They also seek to gain confidential information through phishing attacks. Therefore, users got to make sure that they make the most out of their spam filter in order to decrease the possibility of these attacks on them.

In conclusion, even though there are threats surrounding the use of this control panel, its benefit definitely overshadow is cons. It has the convenience, functionality and simplicity all together making it the perfect control panel out there in the market today. That is why it is regarded as the best choice of control panel for all different levels of webmasters out there.