When a company opts for a dedicated server hosting service for their website they get more control and flexibility over the web server their are many features which are available only on dedicated servers not on shared web hosting. They have option of selecting desired hardware customised script and choice of operating system.

Dedicated web hosting is also called as managed dedicated service and when a customer selects a dedicated web hosting, he leases outs entire servers and none of the system resources are shared with other clients. And in a managed dedicated server hosting package the service provider takes care of maintenance and support round the clock. When a client opts for dedicated server it is exclusively given to client for his web hosting needs by selecting this type of hosting package client can make sure there no downtime experienced due to problems in some other website which shares same server on which your websites are being hosted this eliminates potential risk of downtime and this service gives much enhanced security as many organisation has to protect their customer database and some confidential information and for these type customers dedicated web server hosting is superb option for their web hosting requirements.

Shared hosting packages are comparatively much cheaper but they are less secure with very limited flexibility and resources. In shared web hosting package issue of slow page loading is also there for example a site with huge promotion is hosted on the server on which your website is hosted and if that website experiences sudden surge in traffic then this could lead slow page loading for all the website hosted on that particular server. Dedicated hosting service is for those clients who wants high uptime, security, faster page loading and flexibility. Shared hosting package is usually enough for average hosting needs and also it is a budget friendly option but as the traffic and website grows client should opt for dedicated server hosting package.