Virtual private server, also known as VPS is the bridge which reduces the distance between shared hosting and dedicated server. In VPS, the main server is set apart into several private servers and each VPS hosting is capable of hosting its own resources and operating system. This makes each VPS hosting system a server in its own entirety. virtual private server hosting is preferred by companies because it comes with a number of added advantages and can help websites by providing them with power to ensure that they do not go out of shared hosting resources. For small and medium sized businesses, VPS hosting is perfect.

The first and most important advantage of VPS web hosting is its affordability. virtual private server hosting is affordable and costs relatively lower than dedicated servers which may cost up to hundreds of dollars per month. For small and medium scale businesses, maintaining such dedicated servers throughout the year is very difficult as neither do they have the capital or the budget to spend so much every year. Small and medium scale businesses do need websites and hosting but can spend limitedly on them. So, for such businesses, VPS hosting is what they should swear by whenever hosting is the topic.

Another advantage of VPS hosting is that is guarantees resources to each website. Each hosting comes with its own storage capacity, data transfer ability, Central Processing Unit, Memory, Internet Protocol address and several other resources. So each hosting essentially becomes an independent one, capable of maintaining and performing functions by itself. For small and middle scale companies, this is a huge boost as their work is stored and data can be transferred without having to worry about maintaining the hosting. The site’s resources and performance are not influenced by neighboring sites, even if the latter consumes too many resources. Worrying about malicious websites on the same server becomes a thing of the past with virtual private server hosting.

Users of VPS hosting have full control over the operations of the hosting. This ensures that they are able to setup the operating systems as they want and installed their preferred control panel and software to get the best out of the virtual private server hosting. This ensures that the owners of the VPS hosting system are able to manage and configure their servers without any restrictions and the way they want to. They can even utilize the server to improve its performance as per the demand of the website.

Since virtual private server hosting is all about guaranteed resources, the performance is automatically much better than shared hosting. There is ample disk space in the hosting sites, enabling them to store as much data as possible. So are the CPU resources which are fast, powerful and efficient, thereby enabling them to run very well. Users can also customize the server whichever way they want so that the hosting performance is boosted and users can get the best out of the VPS hosting system. Since better performance is the ultimate goal of all small and middle scale companies, virtual private server hosting services ensures that they are able to get so.

When it comes to the best VPS hosting service, security becomes a very important issue for companies big and small. VPS hosting is best suited for security as it has the ability to install custom firewalls which minimizes security risks to an absolute low. Shared hosting on the other hand is highly risky due to neighbored websites which often result in malware being transferred from one site to another. A risk to one site poses a risk to all the other sites on the shred hosting. virtual private server hosting allows users to filter traffic which easily prevents attacks, hacks or any other similar threats. VPS hosting also has a private mail server, the IP address of which is unique. The mail service will not be affected due to attacks or hacks on others who share the same mail service. Small companies cannot afford high security risks, which is why VPS hosting is perfect for them.

The list of advantages of virtual private server hosting is a long one and the major ones such as affordability and security are the reasons why small and medium scale companies are so dependent on VPS hosting.