When choosing a hosting company, enquire with them whether they have Windows hosting. Almost all hosts do. There are mainly two server operating systems that are popular today – Linux and Windows. For years, Linux was touted as the best server OS because of its stability and security. But a closer look tells us that both operating systems have their own set of advantages and disadvantages that pretty much makes them the same. The advantage of windows hosting is its compatibility and user friendly interface. In addition it can be mastered more easily than a Linux system. Windows user will find the server OS familiar and it is also GUI based. On the other hand Linux needs a qualified IT professional to manage it and commands are given in a command prompt type format.

As a business owner or even an individual, the following tips will help you understand the advantages of a web hosting:

If you are requiring a basic site with limited functionalities, Windows hosting may be right for you. This is because you can use MS FrontPage to create basic sites. Designing with FrontPage is easy. It’s mainly click and drop format and perfect for putting together a basic site. However FrontPage extensions are compatible only with Windows hosting.

If you are a large business that needs to build a massive portal or e-commerce site, then also Windows has advantages. To create high quality sites, scripts based on.NET and ASP (Active Server Pages) are needed. They are considered the top web development platforms to make flexible high end websites.

Also if your website is a dynamically database driven website then also Windows is superior in this regard. You may know the famous database application MS Access that comes bundled with MS Office. MS Access can link only with Windows hosting platform. Another even more powerful database MS SQL Server Database runs smoothly with Windows.

Windows hosting is also a stress free solution since many Windows applications run best with Windows server. If you use Visual Interdev or want to run other windows based application, then you definitely need to have a Windows hosting plan.

Finally, Windows Server OS comes with the backing of the renowned Microsoft Corporation. They will regularly update any security flaws or patches and provide excellent customer support.

I hope the above information has been useful for you.

Happy Hosting.

So, be smart enough to think smart and choose smart.