Before we are able to use the Universal Thought System in a positive expansive manner, we must learn to use certain words in our language more effectively. The prime characteristic of the Universal Thought System is its consistency. It may not be used to manipulate. It may not be used to gain an advantage. It treats everyone equally. It eliminates the negative side of opposites. Why is this Universal Language so critical to our progress? In our thoughts and actions, we either seek idols or we seek truth. When we find the truth all our answers are provided. Truth contains all answers to every problem. Truth has always existed and will always exist. Our beliefs and feelings color our truth. They act as filters between our

truth and our illusions.

If absolute truth is discovered, the filters disappear. In truth there is only love. In love there is only truth. There is no need for filters. The use of keywords help to reveal the path to truth. They clear the filters. They clarify our perceptions. They reduce the effects of our illusions. We discover peace and joy. What are some of the keywords that make up our Universal Thought System Language? In a series of ezines we will list and define some of the keywords in the Universal Thought System

Language. The first words are listed and defined below:


Truth is the foundation of an Advanced Thought System. Truth allows the use of energy consistently and without doubt or debris. When actions are filled with truth there are no negative consequences. Everyone gains. Healing is a primary result when acting with truth. We often operate from partial truths. We do not see all pieces of information. We do not know all the facts. Therefore, we must make decisions with partial data. That is why our decisions provide mixed results. We may have better data in one part of our life but our data in some other sphere of our life is incomplete. We are successful in one part of our life but not so successful in another part of our life. By filling more and more of our life with truth our filters are weakened and their power to obstruct reduced.


Forgiveness is the primary tool to clear the debris in our life. Forgiveness corrects all errors. Errors are mistakes between ego and spirit. Illusions by the ego are replaced with truth through Forgiveness. Forgiveness is the most powerful means that we have to make progress in our awareness. It can move mountains. Forgiveness is the most powerful tool because it opens our communication path to the universal energy. Every time we have a conflict, a disagreement, a negative thought we introduce confusion in our thinking. Our clarity diminishes. Our perception is distorted. And, therefore, our actions are misguided. Forgiveness is the means provided to us to clear all

static, conflict, confusion, and misperception. We become closer to the truth and our decisions are better and more accurate.


Love IS universal energy! The Law of Love says that what we give is what we receive. Love is giving and sharing. It is unconditional giving. When we give love in truth, we open up to universal energy. We may receive from any person. Unconditional Love is best exemplified by the love of a parent to a child.

Another good example of unconditional love is love from a pet to its owner.


Why do we sometimes feel full of energy and at other times we are more tired than we can believe? Does energy come from nutrition? Does energy come from exercise? Does energy come from rest? Or is life’s energy derived from sources outside those daily activities? Does connection to universal energy provide us

with energy? Energy is definitely exchanged by people. Did you ever go to a social function, but, felt almost to tired to go? Yet, something happens when we get there. We begin to mingle. We talk. We exchange stories. We use energy. But at those times there is an abundance of energy. We leave either very

refreshed or mildly tired and relaxed. Sometime somewhere during the gathering we gained energy. We gave energy. We received energy.

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question: What is the truth? We are guided by the thought that,

‘The best way to learn anything is to teach it.

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Universal Thought System

Vol.1, No. 3 May 2005

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