While writing any article to promote your business, the title plays an important part. The title to an article is the same as a name to any person. The way one gets to know a person by his name same happens when some one reads the title he or she comes to know what the article is about. A few tips might help a business promoting the business on internet and might attract excessive traffic.

The first thing while selecting a title for keyword enriched article is that it should be simple. When I use the word “simple” I mean there should not be any single word in the title which cannot be understood by an ordinary person. There is always a possibility that your article may contain interesting and informative content but the intense vocabulary used might not attract the visitor to read your article resulting him to close the window. Surely It will be a good but an unrewarded effort. So keep the Title simple!

Secondly try to use your keyword or key phrases smartly in the title so that it will help the search engine robot to reach you. I will give you the example of my first article. I wrote about “Keywords Enriched Articles” and the title was “What are keywords enriched articles?”. SO it wasn’t a hard job. Even in my second article (the one you are reading at the moment:> )also contains the keywords which is my preference.

Another important element is that the title should be interesting. There is always a possibility that if the title is good visitors who are jus roaming here and there on internet might get attracted. I will like to give you an example of it. Suppose if you are sitting with your friend in his dining after lunch from your home. And a great looking dish is served. You will still like to taste it even you don’t have a desire to eat. The appearance and smell of the dish might attract you. Same is the case with an interesting title.

So be smart while writing a title for your keywords enriched article.