If you are considering starting up your own online business then at some point you will need to seriously consider getting a website or indeed several websites. Once you make that decision then you will need to begin purchasing domain names and then you will need to host those domain names somewhere on a server. Purchases you make all start to accumulate and web hosting as it is termed will be one of those. It can get expensive especially when you start to look at co-hosted or dedicated servers so my general advice would be is not to compromise on the quality but to start to look around for dirt cheap web hosting.

Here are some useful tips if you plan to look for a reliable web hosting service. The number one priority is that the service is reliable as you won’t have a website or a business if the website is continually in and out of service, because of poor quality. You also want to look for one that has regular back up facilities, can be easily contacted if you have problems (and you will) and also one that has a cPanel and can install WordPress. Unless you are a web designer or are brand new to the online world, the vast majority of websites are built on the WordPress blogging platform, and you need your web host to have what is known as a self install option as you will use that a lot. Your choice of web hosting should also include Linux.

Depending on how many websites you are going to have and what you are going to do with them, you will need different types of web hosting. I have listed these below:

• Single Domain
• Unlimited Domains
• Unlimited Domains with private SSL
& IP
• Reseller Hosting
• Virtual Private Server
• Dedicated Server

Dirt cheap web hosting

For most people starting up my recommendation is to go for unlimited domains and typical costs for hosting would be around $100 a year. That’s not a huge investment to make to start up your business.

Another great tip is to take advantage of the many plans that are out there. If you take these services for a longer period of time then they do become cheaper and you get a lot of useful free stuff thrown in. Always make sure you are comparing like for like when making your decision. It’s best to make yourself out a tick list and make sure you have a direct comparison.

Again if you are going to be hosting unlimited domains you will probably require unlimited bandwidth so add that to your list. That becomes very important especially if you plan to include a lot of pictures, videos or large files on your site.

Probably the best budget web hosting tip I can give you is to shop around. Don’t rush into your decision as you will regret it in the longer term. I remember doing the searches to try and work out the best value for money. Then I noticed they had what is called, Black Friday or Black Monday sales. In an effort to boost the world economy various web hosting companies put out special deals on these one-off deals. I bought mine around a year ago and got three year’s hosting for the price of one with a world leader in budget web hosting. So it certainly does pay to look around but I would underline the importance again of a reliable service.