When it comes to websites, servers, blogs and web hosting, one of the most highly focus criteria from computer experts, programmers and web-users is stability. To achieve high stability, the very important pre-requisite is the compatibilities between the different operating systems, and each of them are communicating smoothly at their each of their optimal levels.

What can be done to improve the stability and reliability of a server or website. The soundest and most favorite approach used by programmers and developers is to turn to one single key program or platform to increase the stability of the operating environments. Linux is one of the most popular web hosting platform which most computer experts will turn to today because of its great strength and significance above its competitors.

Below are the key reasons as of why Linux Web hosting gained its popularity today:

a. Linux has shown great existence in this market for some significantly long period of time which had made ways for most of their flaws and bugs to being fixed and resolved within this significant range of time, that’s the reason why Linux platform has demonstrated greater stability in its operating system.

b. Linux rarely experience downtime, it does not required for any downtime or to be rebooted even when new files are added, or any changes need to be made to its operating system. This ability has significantly made Linux a great operating system with high level of reliability,

c. In addition to that, Linux with its open source software, is available to anyone, free of charge for downloading, although there are some small amount of cost which one needs to pay for its licensing, but still it is the least expensive platform among the others. Linux is affordable for most of the web-masters because of its cost competitiveness, allowing many extended users to utilize its operating system for setting up their websites.

d. Linux software is highly recognized for its flexibility in its software where it is easily convertible to other type of operating software programs, such as Microsoft windows. It is built with great feasibility in mind, and easily interfaced with other types of web development programs, such as PHP and Apache and many more. Linux software comes handy especially for busy websites which involved a multitude of different web pages, server scripts, design template, tools and programs because it is able to accept a broader range of file extensions which makes it a popular web platform with great level of adaptability and higher degree of flexibility in mind.

e. As far as security is concerned, Linux has not being reported with massive cases of hacking attacks since its existence. It has been cited that Linux is less vulnerable as compared to Windows and the rest of the operating systems. Nevertheless, it is the responsibilities of the web hosting providers to provide the necessary level of attention with emphasize on having the right security controls in place for their websites to consistently safe-guard the integrity of the server key information and the personnel data of their customers against any types of hacking activities threatening the integrity of its secured data.