The web is now more dynamic than ever before. It is more competitive as well. In order for you to reach high search engine rankings and to preserve them, you need to follow the latest SEO updates. This is the first step towards keeping up with the trends and staying competitive.

Understanding Updates

The SEO updates have to do with the updates which the algorithms of the search engines receive. Since Google is the leader in the field, the changes in its algorithms are crucial for search engine optimization. Webmasters have to get excellent understanding of these changes and adopt techniques which will keep and preserve the rankings of their websites.

Generally, Google is focused on improving its web search services for users. For the past few years, the focus has been shifting towards more organic content and back links of better quality. The social media including blogs are playing an ever more important role.

Keeping Up

The Google Penguin 3.0 update was launched in the middle of October 2014. Its main job is to reduce links which are considered spam. If you have not checked your inbound links, you should go over them and get rid of ones which are of poor quality. It is best to drop the ones which you have paid for. You should also keep a closer eye on website analytics to confirm that you are keeping up with this one of the SEO updates.

In September 2014, Google Panda 4.1 was introduced. Its job is to target poor, duplicated and machine-generated website content. For keeping up to date with this particular content-focused algorithm, you will benefit from providing content which is super rich in information. If you cannot produce content for a variety of topics, you should focus only on one. Affiliate links should be set on the sides and the bottom of the pages and not on top.

The latest Google Pigeon update has a major impact on local businesses as it is designed to make local search result resemble more closely the traditional page rankings. The distance and location ranking parameters are refined. Some of the main tactics which webmasters can adopt to keep up with this major change in local searches include using more neighborhood indicators, getting as many listings on major directories as possible and making excellent on-page search engine optimization.

You should make every effort to keep up with the latest SEO updates. Watch out for announcements from Google and gather as much expert information and advice as possible.