Although the internet is still considered a recent addition to modern technology, its rapid growth has created a user base of many millions around the world. With more data being stored and transferred online every day, more internet users are finding the need to acquire web hosting services and dedicated hosting services to utilize this tool to its fullest potential and fit each individuals needs.

Dual quad Core processors are ideally suited for servers that are in high demand or running multiple applications or multiple instances of applications. They also make excellent virtual server platforms giving you the ability to allocate entire cores to individual guest operating systems.As a general guideline, customers with high traffic requirements should consider using a dual quad-core server. A pair or more of clustered dual quad core servers with a dual core database server in the back end is nearly guaranteed to service popular websites. This is especially true if your website is heavily using a programming language such as high level languages.

A slow web site can affect your business prospects. One of the main reasons for the customers to stop browsing a particular web site for their e-commerce is its slow performance. It can be very frustrating for the customers to wait for a long time for the transaction process to be completed. More often than not, the user will leave your web site after waiting for 8-10 seconds and never return.

A dedicated server will offer you more options in terms of scalability. If your web site receives more number of users than normal and starts to slow down,you can balance the load on your server by splitting the customer load across two or more these servers.

The difference between dual core and quad core dedicated server is a multi-core chip can execute multiple instructions at the same time. Dual cores have two cores, and quad cores have four. All the cores are on the same chip though. So, they share the same memory, and data path to the motherboard. So, a quad core chip may be able to execute the instructions four times faster, but that does not mean it can receive instructions from ram four times faster.