Some of the important tools that can make the tasks of the web designer easy and quick are as follows.


If you want to simplify a range of different JavaScript functions then a JavaScript library is available in the form of jQuery. The plugins for this tool are ready made and easily available. They range from simple animation to the most complex elements of interface.

JavaScript Compression Tool

If the JavaScript files are compressed it can make the website load faster. Kless space gets used on the server and less bandwidth is used. If you want to compress the JavaScript files there is JavaScript compression tool available online. Before using this tool the original file backup needs to be maintained.


This tool is not for beginners but for those who have been designing the Ajax applications since some time. This tool facilitates the designer to easily design Ajax applications that the both powerful and have some flexibility. These Ajax applications can be designed to have compatibility across different browsers. This tool has been documented in very good way and complies with the standards. The multiple plugins available make it easy to design galleries of simple images as well as entire user interfaces.

JavaScript Beautifier

Some of the designers may not find the JavaScript as neat, formatted and clean as they many require it to be. The designer may also find JavaScript that has been used to be so confusing that it is nearly impossible to read and understand it. In these circumstances, the use of JavaScript Beautifier can facilitate the inclusion of spaces and make constructive use of indentations. Whenever you are opting for a new code to beautify the website be sure that you keep the data stored in a place where it is not affected even if something goes wrong.


If you want to make editing and debugging of code very easy you need to use the Firebug by Firefox. It helps at debugging the JavaScript and quick finding of errors. The alignment of the CSS boxes can be easily seen. The elements of the webpage can be edited on your browser.


Different browsers display the website in varied ways. The effectiveness and efficiency of the website can be adversely affected if the browser being used by the designer is completely different from the one that is being used by the visitor, prospective buyer or the buyer. In way of resolving this is issue is through installing all the browsers available in the market on to your computer. This resolution can prove ineffective because there could be browsers that are unavailable on your operating system. On the other hand installing all the browsers available in the market could occupy a very big part of your computer memory. The best resolution to this issue is opting for Browser Shots because it shows you how the website could look on the browsers selected by you.

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