Do singular or plural keywords matter to search engines? Some people say “yes” and some say “no”. Who do you listen to? The best person to listen to is yourself! You can do your own research by using the search engine. We can use the keyword “orange” for an example.

Use Google as our example search engine. Type in “orange” and pay attention to the search result listing. As of today, this singular form shows the first link is about mobile phones. Now lets try “oranges”. This plural form shows us a Wikipedia link.

If you still have doubt that singular or plural keywords matter to search engines, you can continue this experiment with many other keywords. What I like to do most is to go on Google Analytics, and find out some of the keyword phrases that people type into Google to find my site. I look for the phrase with a plural form in it, and then type that into the search engine. The most interesting thing that I discovered is that my blog can be on 1st page of the search with a plural phrase while I am no where to be found in the singular form.

Sometimes, doing your own research is the best way to go. Instead of never ending arguments in the forums about what works and what doesn’t work, you can find out answers yourself by trying experiments. Base on my own research, I conclude that singular and plural keywords matter when it comes to ranking high in the search engine.