Say you’re a web host who just bought a dedicated server. Say you’ve decided to offer your space to resellers – that is, people who buy large amounts of web space with the explicit intent to resell them. If you want to attract resellers, you may wish to offer a web space management software that they are already familiar with, and WHM reseller hosting is one of the features you could safely put at the forefront of your marketing campaigns.

There are many good options for web space management software, but WHM is definitely among the most popular. Offering WHM reseller hosting accounts is arguably tantamount to offering a premium hosting account. Many resellers seek the ease of use and user-friendliness afforded by the WHM – or the very simply and aptly named Web Host Management software – in creating user accounts for their reseller space.

Now just in case your target resellers don’t have the faintest idea what WHM is, you must be able to present a primer on the virtues of this particular software. If possible, have a demo of the WHM on your site – or, if you plan to meet with resellers in person, prepare to demonstrate how easy it is to use WHM to create and manage user accounts.

What exactly is WHM, in the first place? Well, for starters, it’s a web space management program created by This company also created another popular proprietary software: cPanel. This is one of the most popular – if not THE most popular – web panel programs out there. It is so much in demand, and so available in the market, that if you happen to be looking around for web space for your individual use, chances are you the web host you’ll end up recruiting because of the prices and excellent support it promises offers cPanel functions.

Because made both cPanel and WHM, WHM is usually bundled in with cPanel when it is marketed to web hosts. And cPanel has been specifically designed for use by a web host, which is why it has no lower-cost license for individual personal use. When you buy a server and want a cPanel license, you only have to pay the license once per server, not once per domain created within the server. This makes cPanel exceptionally practical for web hosts that need to start off small.

And since WHM comes bundled in with a server installation of cPanel, it is practical for web hosts to include WHM reseller hosting in their list of assets as well. Marketing the virtues of cPanel and WHM to resellers ought ot be easy for you once you’ve tried out these programs yourself, as a web host.