In the circle of web hosting companies, Hostgator has emerged as one of the most popular company around. They achieve this because they deliver what they promise. It is as simple as that. Their customers are pleased with their service because they pick up the phone and solve their problems every time.

Not only do they answer phone, they also reply email enquiries, respond to live chat as well. No wonder they get such high rating from their customers. When you have happy customers, it is hard to say no to success.

However, if you just glance through HostGator, you would not feel that this provider is something that you would be interested in. Their generic website is dull with a slogan which is also dull. It says ‘We eat up the competition’. It uses a cpanel and standard set up which is an average for web host companies.

This simplicity is the key to their success. They seem to be transparent and let you know everything about them. So, you won’t feel like there is a marketing ploy or any undisclosed terms about them. What you see is what you get. Their terms of service with HosGator are as simple as their order process. You can order your website with ease and it only takes up around 5 minutes. Their billing details are displayed so you can track it in every page of your order. Finally, you can pay via credit card, paypal or even debit card. All this features makes HostGator such a user friendly provider among its competition. Below is a review on the feature and performance on HostGator.

Feature Review

HostGator uses the Linux system. This means that they can only provide Linux hosting. Nevertheless, it is heard that they are planning to improve their service by adding windows system hosting in their services. They provide all their features in all their packages and this is what consumers need to build a serious website. For consumers who may need additional domains, their Baby and Swamp package allows unlimited domain add-ons. This gives you the ability to have multiple sites. HostGator uses cpanel, the best controlled panel available in the market. Furthermore, you will also get Fantastico script installer which let you open most of the open source scripts with just a few clicks. They also support PHP4 and PHP5, SSH, Cron jobs, Python, Ruby on Rails and so on. The packages also include sufficient POP3 accounts.

Performance Review

All the websites hosted by Hostgator is placed in their Dual Xeon servers. These servers are located in their data center located in Dallas. The data center connects to 10 backbone providers providing 99.9% uptime with a standard industry guarantee. A test done on a website hosted by HostGator using a third party uptime monitor shows result that HostGator provides 99.98% uptime. This test was done from February2008 till the end of April. For more than 3 months, HostGator was able to provide unchallenged performance by other host companies. This is the proof that Hostgator has to say that they are the best in the field.