When you search a keyword tool to find the most useful keywords for your website you have to know exactly what is behind the high frequency of a specific keyword.

Some years ago I was investigating important keywords linked to Paris (in Europe – the city of cities): To my surprise there was a very high demand on something I understood as Hilton hotels in Paris because ‘paris hilton’ had an astonishing high score among other keywords about Paris. As you already know it was my limited knowledge of one of the greatest female celebrities of our time, Paris Hilton that was behind my serious mistake.

In a Google search ‘paris hilton’ will bring you a lot of websites about this attractive celebrity Paris Hilton: informative websites, video websites, fan websites and ‘fake’ websites.

On the other hand ‘hilton paris’ will bring you – among to other websites to the ‘official’ Hilton Hotels website of Paris at http://www.hilton.com and [http://www.hilton-paris.com]
The connection of celebrity Paris Hilton to Hilton hotels isn’t only an aspect of my limited orientation towards young ladies. As can be read in the Wikipedia at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paris_Hilton Paris Hilton is a part of the Hilton dynasty and an heiress to the Hilton Hotel fortune.

Another celebrity that often top the keyword lists is Britney Spears but as I haven’t had a need for keyword search about ‘spears’ for my website of A-Z Fotos I haven’t run into any mistakes with that name!

Anyway keyword research is a very important help for any webmaster or writer to make use of the most relevant keywords and terms to help visitors find, what they need. As the search habits of people goes more and more in the direction of using more words in one search the best combination of keywords becomes more and more complicated to reveal and implement. The free lists of popular keywords and phrases from [http://lists.wordtracker.com] are a quick beginning and easy to supplement with the facility of http://inventory.overture.com/d/searchinventory/suggestion/

One of the best tools to help you find what people are searching for and how they combine the words are the new keyword tool of Google linked to the use of AdWords for ad campaigns, but available for us all. An interesting function is the possibility to see the seasonality of certain keywords. Try for example to search for ‘easter’ and choose to display the data: ‘global search volume trends’. You will find that easter is more or less only searched for in March during the last year.

For publishers of ezines keywords are also very useful for fulfilling the interest of the readers, as Chris Knight from Email Universe explains in this article:


These keyword tools and several others are your friends in finding your opportunities. But be aware of a lot of pitfalls linked to names of persons, of music bands and of songs etc as they often are very misleading related to a concrete content of your website.