We all want to make more money online and one way to increase your productivity and earnings is to find the right tools. In this article I am going to talk abut what I consider to be the best tool for Amazon Affiliates, OneAzon…

It is not some crazy gimmick, like many other tools on offer. This is based on clear automation of what marketers have done for years, in retail settings.- Putting together bundles of associated goods.

We all know that these days WordPress is an unbeatable tool for creating websites. With WordPress it is possible to produce advanced websites very quickly, and by using plugins to add features to those sites that allow advanced user interaction.

When choosing an affiliate program the program that has consistently produced a stable income is Amazon. By putting Amazon together with WordPress and the OneAzon plugin, you are creating the best possible sales opportunity.

OneAzon is the best tool to make the most money on Amazon. Users consistently report that since switching their Amazon store to OneAzon they are producing superior results and making more money.

Let’s Have a Closer Look at OneAzon

Introducing OneAzon

By adding this plugin to your WordPress site you should be able to make three times the value of sales of Amazon products. The plugin can achieve this without breaking any Amazon rules. Installing the plugin is not hard, anyone can install it, and it will work with whatever theme you are using. OneAzon is completely self contained, you do not have to install any other plugins.

What Will OneAzon do for you?

Adding new products to your store

You can easily add products to your store, and that includes prices, affiliate links and pictures.

Combine Related Products

Combine products that go together into bundles

Everything Updates Automatically

All your Amazon product information keeps itself up-to-date automatically.

Related Products Bundled

Using an intelligent system it calculates product bundles for you.

Fully Customization

You can choose the layout, text, products and images

Automatic Localization

You get potential customers from all over the world and OneAzon covers that by sending the sales to he correct Amazon.

Think about it, when you go into a bricks and mortar shop, or fast food restaurant, the assistant is always going to suggest items to go with the product you have selected. (e.g Can I get you fries with that)? OneAzon does this for you and groups products that are frequently bought together into bundles.

You can be satisfied with your existing sales or you can move into the fast lane with this plugin