Many people want to know if Niche Marketing On Crack is a scam? I have just finished reading the book and would like to share with you some insights.

Basically, this book is about teaching you how to make money online by building a niche site empire. It walks you through step-by-step the whole process of building a highly profitable niche site.

Inside Niche Marketing On Crack, you will learn the following processes in details.

1. Niche Research – you will learn how to find profitable niche topics, products within the niches that have low competition and good level of search volume. You will also learn how to identify the primary and secondary keywords for the products you have chosen.

2. Content Generation – you will learn ways to generate keywords optimized content for your niche sites and articles for submitting to the major article directories.

3. Site Generation – here you will learn how to build niche sites using WordPress blogs. The reasons why it uses WordPress blog are because it’s easy to setup and manage. The more compelling reason is that WordPress blog when set up correctly is very SEO friendly. There is an 8-page section within “Niche Marketing On Crack” that teaches how to correctly set up a WordPress blog. You will discover with some simple SEO and promotional efforts, your WordPress niche sites will get indexed and ranked well by the search engines very quickly.

4. Promotion – finally you will learn how to drive traffic to your niche sites. You will learn both conventional and advanced methods of driving targeted traffic such as article writing, backlinks, social bookmarking, feeder websites and other methods.

Concluding thought…

Niche Marketing On Crack is a great book for both the beginners and experienced marketers who want to learn the “end-to-end” process of building niche site empire using WordPress. Unlike many other ebooks that only tell you half of the story, Niche Marketing On Crack puts together all the pieces of the puzzle and lay out the whole process step by step.

BUT please remember that after finish reading the book you MUST take actions because only actions will produce results. If you are not willing to take action then this book is NOT for you. Don’t waste your $47.