Hosting live events is something most people do at some point in their business, especially if you’re an Information Marketer, and for many people it’s one of the ways to catapult your income.

If you have a small client list, but you want to do an event remember it’s okay to start with smaller events. It’s important for you to be realistic about how many attendees you expect based on the size of your list. Don’t think you’re going to get half of the people on your list to come to your events. If you have a list of 2,500 people and you get 30-50 to attend your event, that should make you happy as it’s a great turnout.

When you’re planning your event, think big and be realistic. You might even want to consider hosting a local, if you live close to a larger city. Or, you may want to consider doing something in a bigger market, like Atlanta, LA or Orlando – somewhere that’s an easy city for people to fly in and out of, but still relatively close to you.

You want to do things for your event in a way that makes it affordable for you so there is less chance for you to lose money. Maybe you pay for the hotel meeting space, and don’t block sleeping rooms. Maybe you don’t have a large manual printed, but simply do handouts for the attendees at your first event. If you’re hosting a bigger event, 100 attendees, or more, there a lot more logistical details you have to consider, but if you’re holding smaller events (30-50 attendees), it is just a matter of more copies, more seats and tables in the meeting room.

If you’re hosting your first event, and it’s going to be small, it’s unrealistic to expect to hire a big event planner, because their fees will probably be outside of your range. You’ll more than likely have to do the planning and execution of your first event in-house and take care of things yourself a little bit more. You can have your team help you, family and friends who live in the area, or other volunteers.

So, if you’re thinking about doing your first event, good for you, hosting your first event is a great experience.

Remember, there are a lot of ways to put on a great event, on a smaller scale, and still make people feel really wowed by it and have them leave your event having had a great experience. So, have fun doing your first event, think big while being realistic, and your first event will be a big success.