It has been a matter of intense discussions and studies on the benefit of long tailed keywords in internet marketing. Though the views and results differ, it has been unanimously accepted that long tail keywords are commodity specific and if used pragmatically, it will boost sales without any doubt.

Facts about long tail keywords

  • They behave differently for different companies. Some company might experience a sudden boost of their sale due to them whereas others barely find any change in their sales records.
  • Long keywords should be specific without the use of many connectors like of, and, by etc as these connectors will divert the search instead of being specific.
  • The products determine length of a keyword. Long keywords can be very useful for the commodities or products that are specific. For example, to be specific about the technology used in inkjet printers, a long keyword like piezoelectric crystal technology based inkjet printer will bring more specific traffic than simply using inkjet printer technology.
  • The long keyword may not be an answer for a paid search budget. It is not necessary that paid links will be affected by long keywords. Whether it is the free links or paid links, search engines will behave equally and so the onus lies on the advertiser to use them judiciously.
  • The retailers who are dealing with Stock Keeping Unit based commodities find long tail keywords more suitable and important as their marketing strategy. The specific keywords help them to reach the target market easily and the sale is increased manifold.
  • Many Google AdWords advertisers have found keywords very important in generating revenue. Some advertisers have increased their revenue generation as much as 83% by using long tail keywords.

How To Effectively Use Long Tail Keywords

There are many ways to use effectively and thus increase your internet marketing campaign on the search engine.

  • First of all, find out all the long keywords that are suitable for your product from the IBP’s keyword tools. The keywords need to be created by keeping in mind the type of product and any special feature that you want to bring forth. It is very easy to create long tail keywords from the IBP’s Keyword Tools by clicking on the “Expand Keyword” tab.
  • Avoid using jumbled or non-meaningful long keywords as they hardly can assist you in search engine optimization. Use very specific and related long keywords for better results.
  • Use of connectors should be minimal to make the long tail keywords effective.

If you use long tail keywords properly, then they will undoubtedly increase your revenue from internet marketing.