Using LSI Keywords Properly

The main aim of Latent Semantic Indexing is to mingle LSI Keywords with the content. Overuse or misuse of keywords should be avoided as this will damage the reputation of the site, in eyes of the engine spider and audience. The prime objective should be use variety of related keywords that reflect properly the root keyword and in process provide a unique content, which the search engine looks forward to access, index and rank, well. A rich and natural content is liked by the audience and spider as both can gorge on some new and interesting information. Maintaining high degree of relevance between content and all keywords is important as this is necessary to generate a rich and natural content flow, which the gives the audience a good reading experience.

Distributing Related Keywords Evenly Throughout the Content

The priority is to sensibly spread the LSI keywords and their synonyms along with main keywords through out the content body. Latent Semantic Indexing helps the content to develop a broader outlook and sets it apart from other websites of same niche. This imparts a unique feature to site and helps engine to locate it easily from the millions of other websites on the net. A rich and natural content is well appreciated by audience and they stay in the website for a longer duration of time. This noted by the engine spider and awards the site higher page ranking. As the engine ranking increases the site gets more popular and starts to get more in bound links from other sites. This creates a viral like effect, spreading the popularity of the site in every nook and corner of the web world.

Using the Software

Taking help of a proper software program tool like the Google Key tool helps one to find the most probable keyword that is likely to be typed in by most of surfers, when they will hit the net in search of a particular product or information. Along with the main keyword the tool presents a list of related keywords or LSI Keywords that relate well with the root keyword.

Using Main Keyword and Related Keywords in Title and Sub headings

It is important to use the root keyword in the title and related keywords in the subheadings, because these are the places where the engine looks for clues. The placement of requisite keywords here helps the engine to scan easily what is available in the content and if it finds that this is the information that it is seeking, then it begins its’ journey into the content, using the keywords as guide. Keyword density holds no importance in Latent Semantic Indexing. It is the quality and relevance of the content that plays a crucial role in the success of the content to provide greater visibility to the website on the internet.