Although writing and distributing keyword-rich articles is time-consuming, this is something that you need to master. Why? It’s because this is the best thing that you can do to gain free exposure in the online arena, to establish your expertise in your niche, and to secure better page ranking for your website. As you know, these are what you exactly need to succeed online.

Here’s how you can write explosive keyword-rich articles:

1. Write for your readers. Think of these people before you go ahead and optimize your articles. Consider their learning needs when choosing your topics and make sure that you deliver the kind of information that they can actually use. Use their language and the words that they can easily identify. Keep your articles short and concise. Use subheadings, bullet list, and highlight the juiciest information to help your readers easily scan your articles. Do everything and if needed, go to great lengths to make sure that these people will find it enjoyable to read your articles. This is the only way that you’ll be able to get the kind of response that you need from them.

2. Write for the search engines. Read RSS feeds that are related to SEO. You see, the algorithms of search engines can easily change so it’s important that you keep yourself posted. Then, identify the most searched keywords in your niche within the last couple of weeks. Strategically insert these words (together with their synonyms) on your article body. Your major keywords must be placed on your articles’ titles and once for every paragraph that contain no less than 100 words.