It is also good to check the competition when searching for keywords. Like in the example, Zero Friction Marketing by Saj P. Let me see is someone is actually advertising right now for Saj P. Go to Google, then paste the word Saj P.

You will see in the search results page that some people are already advertising for the keyword Saj P. So, people know what they’re doing.

For each product site, you can come up with three different variations of keywords or ad groups. So all three keywords, zero friction marketing, and Saj P will be different ad groups especially, you only want to do this if you have a product related to making money online because that’s what Zero Friction Marketing is about.

So people who will be searching for information about Saj P. and then they’ll see you ard and then they’ll look at it. Then they’ll see what you have to offer.

One person has a review site, they have Zero Friction Marketing on it. Then they have another product called Profitlance. Then they have another product called Six Figure Yearly.

My opinion is that when you advertise using competitors’ keywords, you do one of two things: the first thing is you either write an article about that competitive product, put it on your site or blog, link to their product with your affiliate link and link to your own product. That’s one way of doing it. The other way of doing it is you just link directly to your product instead of linking to their product.

So, how you would do that is like for example, in Google I would type in my name as a keyword, it will appear that someone put Folusho Orokunle and if click on their site, it goes to their own product. What their ad says is simply: Folusho Orokunle-Have you tried cash 1234 yet? Make $4000/week. No Sales. No Ads. So if I click through it, it just goes straight to their site.

Most of these sites have lightbox ads that come up. Yours can too. Just make sure it doesn’t pop up right away. Make sure you wait at least 10 seconds because sometimes Google doesn’t like people using those pop up ads. Or you could just put an opt in form right on the site. Which is what I would recommend. So that way you can get subscribers if people don’t want to buy your product.