Keyword density definition, what does a keyword mean?

If you are new to search engine optimization or SEO people often call it, and getting started to know a little bit about it, I am sure you ever heard about people or websites discussing about keyword density.

Keyword density is one of the most valuable factor of search engines (SE) algorithms. Let’s define keyword first, what does a keyword mean? A keyword is a word, or a phrase that are written repeatedly in a webpage. Keywords are very important to optimize a webpage to be found by readers in search engines result page.

Now, that we have understood what a keyword is, I am sure you also want to know about keyword density. What is it? Keyword density is the percentage or numbers, represents how often keywords are included in one webpage.

Let’s say, when you have 300 words on a page, and you repeat your keyword in that page quite often, your percentage will be more high than placing the same keyword in 1000 words written webpage.

Webmasters are not only aware of keyword density, but they do take care of the value of their keywords as well.

What I mean here is, when you plan to monetize your website or earn extra money from your sites, in this case with Google AdSense, you must know that keywords can determine how high your conversion rate is.

There are keywords that make you earning money through AdSense very high, and some are very low. This is caused by how competitive your keyword is.

Tolerance of Keyword density differs from one search engines to another.
Everyone uses their favourite search engines to search some terms of the information they need.

To mention some of the big ones, we have Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, and some others. Those websites have various rules about keyword density percentage of a webpage ideally can contain.

Let’s take a look closer at Google, the biggest search engine by far, Google accepts between 2% until 4%. Other search engine, like Yahoo, it allows a webpage to have about 5%. The best would be 2% and try to optimize your page, at the same time, check the readability of the page, because recently most search engines includes the readability of a content as their ranking aspect.

What it means, optimize your page for your visitors first, and then for search engines

Too much keywords in your webpage will risk your website to be flagged as Spam because of keyword stuffing .

Tools and ways to optimize page by checking keyword density.
Getting your website listed in the first page of search engines is every webmaster’s dreams, especially for Affiliate marketers and business website owners.

To get a chance of being in the first page ranking for them means more traffic and more chance for profitable transaction with customers.

Those efforts will be achieved only if their webpages are well SEO optimized.

If your webpage is built by WordPress you will have a best SEO plugin to help you checking the keyword density percentage of each pages.

If you don’t, there are free online tools which can check it for you out there.

Search engines optimization is not a simple task, but if you have patience, tool and persistence, I am sure the result will be absolutely positive.